Who We Are

At Panancea Capital Bank , we know that success in business depends on more than just access to money. We understand the broader needs of individuals, businesses and professionals. Thus, fostering regional integration, as well as cross-border trade and investment is our strategy.

Our team

A collection of intelligent, hardworking, and exceptionally dedicated individuals, who work hard to take this company beyound dreams

Ronald C. Pryor


Alfred M. Stiefel

Finance Expert

Chelsea J. Beeman

IT Manager

Howard L. Alexander

Senior Account

Christopher H. Lopez

HR Manager

Linda T. Milam

Customer Care Manager


Zachary W. Robinson


For my mortgage application, my advisor called me constantly to locate me on the progress of my file. It's good to feel accompanied.

Karen R. Strickland


For the renewal of the fleet of my company, my advisor accompanied me from beginning to end, keeping me regularly informed.

Katy B. Rosa


The quality of service, listening and support is irreproachable. With a schedule that does not allow me to move into an agency, my advisor respond by email to any question.